About the Artist

Gwendolin Lewis

Artist Statement

Painting continuously for the last 17 years, I find the love of trees and natural shapes a place to begin a painting. Maritime has also been a major subject.
My work ranges from soft impressionistic pastels to larger works of spontaneous mark making.
I am an exhibiting Member of the Australian Pastel Society and the Australian Society of Maritime Artists.
It may seem like second nature but it has been a long road of discovery and learning to find my voice.

Capturing the emotional essence of a subject is an important aspect of my work painting identifiable images, and impressionism bordering on abstraction.

My influences stem from my early years of living on an isolated landscape with family to an art career in the Graphic Art industry in Melbourne where I learnt to paint and design according to the needs of the client.

I have lived near the sea for the past 40 years.
Both of these environments have had a strong influence on my painting subjects.
Studying Fine Art at Newcastle University in 2001 broadened my techniques and knowledge.

Exhibiting regularly, teaching classes and giving workshops to groups fills my desire to connect with other artists, and extend myself on a weekly basis.
My philosophy is to keep an open mind and devote my life to always learning something new.

Prizes 2004 – 2018

Exhibiting History

Gwendolin Lewis