Pastel Classes & Workshops

The use of Soft Pastels are like drawing and painting at the same time.

My stock in trade.

Teaching painting and pastels has been a passion for about 20 years. It is always an exciting process and one which is most satisfying.

In these pastel classes and workshops you will be shown how to use tone and colour with pastels. Discover the diversity of drawing and painting with the same medium, see how different strokes can create varied textures and learn about the layering process.

It’s fun, educational and satisfying.

Who is the Pastel Workshop or Class suitable for?

Beginners and Intermediate levels and those who want to learn more about painting with Soft Pastels and the special selection of materials to use and enhance your learning and skills.

Pastel classes are held in Newcastle every Wednesday during the school term. The Class meets at the Society of Artist’s rooms in Howe Street Lambton in the park from 12.30 to 3.30 pm. Tea and Coffee are included in the $30 cost and there are easels and tables available to use.

It is a structured class and demonstrations and explanations are held each week to explain different techniques in Soft Pastel that can be used for the subject. Individual help is given.

I send out an email each week before the Wednesday lesson so people know what to bring and what to expect from the day.

A Soft Pastels materials list will be given on attendance at a class or prior to a workshop.

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