All about Soft Pastels

My stock in trade.

Soft pastels are an adaptable and exciting medium to use and are unique as a painting medium. Soft Pastels are made from dry pigments that are sourced worldwide .

Pastels are applied directly to the paper without any mixing with water or spirits , although unusual and exciting effects can be obtained using these mediums. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Soft Pastels is their immediacy of effect as the fresh pure instant colour appears on your paper, their rich dark tones to their palest shades of colour are breathtaking and every shade and tone is available.

Many different companies and cottage industries are making Soft Pastels to purchase from all parts of the world. It is also fascinating to realise that a pastel picture is permanent and lightfast and that is one reason we are able to look at Degas wonderful pastel paintings today.

Soft Pastels are made from the same pigments as Oil Paints and Watercolour Paints but have different binders to hold them together.

Soft pastels vary in size according to the manufacturer and with some practice you will find a favourite.